Yesterday I had the opportunity after work to go wandering through the backcountry of Zion. I had heard of a great spot to go camping so I decided I would scout it out. For those who are familiar with Zion, and specifically the Kolob Terrace road then you’ll know right where I was.

There was no trail so I just started walking to see what I would find. I really didn’t know what to expect, I figured I would find a little valley, but I wasn’t prepared to find the sweeping view down into the Subway that I did.


I got distracted for a few minutes on a really interesting rock structure that seemed to defy gravity, then I looked ahead and decided to follow an animal trail. As I climbed this trail I was soon greeted with the view that this image captured. The trail came to a steep cliff face and I was able to look down into an area that so many times I’d looked up and and wondered what was up there (when hiking in the Subway and you get to the point where the canyon opens up and you keep looking up so you don’t miss the trail out).


All in all it was a wonderful little adventure and wander through the backcountry. Zion is a wonderful place that has so many nooks and crannies that by themselves are magnificent. And by and large go unnoticed because most simple go to Zion to hike Angels or Emerald Pools. But for those willing to step up and walk through the lesser known area’s of Zion you’ll be greeted with views that others will just never see.