What kind of Zion park website would we be if we didn’t highlight our sister park just down the road from us Bryce Canyon? There is so much to love about Bryce, first and foremost the magical way it intrigues us and makes us wonder how it could have been formed. The red hoodoos that dot the amphitheater almost as far as the eye can see are allusively intriguing, even after understanding the geology of Bryce Canyon, you still find yourself thinking “that makes sense, but this place looks like it was formed on mars”.

The lookout points along the ride of Bryce offer a view of the canyon like no other. They make everyone who takes pictures there look like a pro.

The hikes that go along the ridge as well as those that take you down to the bottom are all wonderful and if you have time you should try. They make for seeing parts of the canyon that just viewing it from the look-outs just do not provide.