Zion National Park Weather

Typical annual conditions, and what to expect on your visit!

If you have never been to Zion National Park, it is always a good idea to research out and look into the seasonal weather conditions.  Averages temperatures you will be experiencing and vacationing in can vary drastically throughout the year. Zion is in the heart of Southern Utah, which has some extreme variance in weather depending on the current times of year and weather patterns.  Southern Utah sits in higher elevations like Zion Park, and have 4 main seasons summer, fall, winter, and spring! This is defiantly something to keep in mind as you look to prepare your next trip to Zion National Park.

Weather in Zion

Zion Park Summer Weather

In the summer (June- September) months it can be very hot with extremely low humidity making it feel much hotter than you actually think it is. This makes staying hydrated a little harder to do during that time of year, but obviously really important. Zion is higher in elevation and is considered the high mountain dessert, so the UV rays are much more intense. Sunscreen is a great idea for outdoor recreating through your summer months. These are some things to think about when planning your trip to the park. The highest recorded temperature in Zion was 104 degrees F. in 1985. July is always the hottest months of the year in the park but it still cools down in the evening through mid-morning.

Winter Weather in Zion

Zion during winter (November- February) months the park is slow but it is still open and draws many visitors.  The lowest recorded temperature in the park was -20 Degrees F. in 1989. Winter months typically have a much higher average of precipitation and will receive both rain and snow. December is the coldest months of the year in Zion so take that into consideration if you plan to enter the park then. Plan on bringing a big coat or layers with a wind proof jacket during your winter months in Zion.

Fall and Spring Weather in Zion is Prime

Zion National Park during the mild fall and spring months of the year, typically have the best temperatures and see no extremes temperatures generally. With the average daytime high temperatures being around 70 degree’s in the mild spring and fall months, it makes for a great choice. Generally Zion Park traffic is not at its peak either with all facilities and businesses being open. Most of these mild months are T-Shirt and shorts weather, but it’s always a good idea to keep a jacket nearby.

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Monthly Average Temperatures in Zion Park

January- Average high 44 degrees F., Average Low 21 Degrees F.

February- Average high 47 degrees F., Average Low 24 Degrees F.

March – Average high 55 degrees F., Average Low 29 Degrees F.

April- Average high 62 degrees F., Average Low 34 Degrees F.

May- Average high 73 degrees F., Average Low 42 Degrees F.

June- Average high 83 degrees F., Average Low 51 Degrees F.

July- Average high 89 degrees F., Average Low 58 Degrees F.

August- Average high 86 degrees F., Average Low 57 Degrees F.

September- Average high 79 degrees F., Average Low 48 Degrees F.

October- Average high 67 degrees F., Average Low 38 Degrees F.

November- Average high 54 degrees F., Average Low 28 Degrees F.

December- Average high 43 degrees F., Average Low 21 Degrees F.