I know this video’s been around for awhile now, but does it get any less awesome? I remember the first time I watched it and I swear I felt my stomach drop when that guy first jumped! I quickly began asking myself the very pertinent question, “would I jump?”. I’m not afraid of heights, but doing something like that is in a whole other realm.

This arch is located near Moab Utah, just a few hours from Zion Park. You may be asking yourself “is that even legal?”, because more often than not if something’s amazingly fun, and simultaneously dangerous, someone somewhere has put the kibosh down on it. But luckily this arch sits just outside of the National Parks and is legal to rope swing off. But beware, there have been several deaths on this very arch from people not knowing what they were getting themselves into beforehand. So please be careful if you attempt it.

I find myself grateful for the daredevils out there who not only chance the impossible, but beat it. To do something like this would be the thrill of a lifetime and I sincerely don’t know if I would have the stones to make that leap. As I contemplate that question I realize that if I ever had the chance and failed to make it, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

There are so many places near Zion that are amazingly beautiful, and also amazingly thrilling. To have parks like Arches, Canyonlands, and Bryce so close to Zion National Park make this place that much more special. What it really does is offer different activities and experiences for different people. Some are daring enough to jump off of a rope swing that goes through an arch, others would prefer to keep their feet on the ground and just look up at the massive arch. Some like to go trekking for days in the back-country of Escalante or Moab, others would prefer to ride some river rapids down the Colorado River. As cliche as it is to say, there really is something for everyone in southern Utah (and eastern Utah).