Is there anything interesting to see or do between Las Vegas and Zion National Park?

For many visitors to Zion they are coming from one of the main airport hubs (McCarren, Las Vegas), so they travel up the northern corridors of I-15 from the Las Vegas and typical pass troughs cities along l-15 on the way to their destination of Zion National Park. It is a 2.5 hours drive from Las Vegas to Zion National Park, so if you have time to get out and stretch your legs there are several points of interest along the way. I will point out just a handful if you have time to stop or need some area information.

Here are some key attractions and stopping points along your travel from Las Vegas to Zion National Park.

Lake Mead:

Is just outside of Las Vegas and is the 16th largest man-made lake in the Western Hemisphere. This man made lake was made by building the Hoover Damn in 1964. The lake is crystal blue and offers year round recreational activities like, boat, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, camping, etc… Lake Mead’s address is 601 National Highway, Boulder City, NV. Take U.S. 93 south through Boulder City towards Phoenix (approximately 20-30 minutes)

Mesquite Nevada:

Mesquite, Nevada is known for its casinos, resorts, and world class golf courses. You will find much more than just a gas station if you take one of the Mesquite exits off of I-15. This is a good place to stay the night if your travels have left you tired and in need of rest.

St George Utah:

Just about 30 miles North of Mesquite along I-15 you will find a city named St. George Utah. St. George is just a couple miles North of the Arizona and Nevada border in the very South Western corner of Utah. St George is a great place to both live and is known for its retirement communities. The current population of St George city is 75,561 (2012). St George has just one small college (Dixie State College) but is in the top 10 of the United States fastest growing cities. St George city is located in Washington County and has close to 150,000 residents. There are many world-renowned events that happened here including, world senior games, The Ironman, St George Marathon, and Tuchacan Amp Theater. If you like golf it just might be worth stopping and playing a round at one of the 13 local golf courses. To find other really good area info, local events and news click here:

(this is a picture of Snow Canyon State park in St George) If you are in need a hotel room for the night feel free to visit for great accommodations here in Southern Utah. Many tourists and Zion Park visitors choose to stay in St. George because there is typically much more going on here than in Springdale just outside Zion Park’s gates.

Hurricane Utah:

Next stop along your way to Zion you will find a smaller town of Hurricane Utah, where you are now just 30 minutes from the gates to Zion. Hurricane is a smaller town but still has more than just a couple gas stations and traffic lights. With a couple great reservoirs (Quail Creek Reservoir, and Sand Hallow Reservoir), great golf courses, and sand dunes for recreating you can find plenty of daytime activities going on here. This could also be a good stop to pick up groceries, snacks, gas or last camping supplies for all of your adventures in Zion National Park.


Last Stop along your route to Zion National Park is Springdale, Utah- you are now just minutes from entering the Zion National Park fence. Springdale is where you will find the majority of your Zion Park activities, park information, and accommodations. If you are looking for a list of places to stay while you are here please click here:

*Typically most people who are traveling to Zion are going to pass through the park after a couple of days and visit Bryce Canyon National Park. This park is only 1.5 hours of driving distance from the East entrance to Zion National Park. If you plan on heading that direction please click here for Bryce Canyon area information: