3 Addicting Mountain Bike Trails You Might Regret Riding.


That was a gnarly few days of mountain bike riding! We hit up 3 of arguably the best mountain biking in St. George Utah.

We know you did too– the amount of bike racks on cars, going up and down St. George BLVD was impressive!  So what trails did you hit up? Let us know in the comments below. As for us, we somewhat regret riding so much this week… because now we are back to work and totally having withdrawals from the super fast singletrack, the technical ascents, and the scenery that left us drooling. Yup. We are addicted.

Here are the 3 mountain biking trails we hit up in St. George and Zion Canyon this week, that got us totally addicted.

  • The J.E.M. Trail

The JEM Trail has single and doubletrack for days. We were able to ride to our hearts content out on this winding trail system near Zion National Park. Located in the small town of Virgin, you park at the trailhead and head up and back for about a 12 mile roundtrip ride. Otherwise you can start at the opposite end on the road to Apple Valley, and head down and then back up. The way down is full of crazy fun speed on hardpack singletrack. The mesa at the top end the only part of the trail with any technical climbing. Otherwise let it rip!

  • Suicidal Tendencies

Don’t let the name fool you! This trail is tough, but I would mark it as a “MUST DO” for any avid mountain biker. If you are just getting started in the sport, you might think twice before attempting this trail, but don’t let it stop you from attempting one of the best trails I have ever ridden on…

With winding climbs, technical climbs and descents, cliffside drop offs and a view from the top that will take your breath away (literally…you will see what I mean.)

Suicidal Tendencies is located in the hills near Santa Clara Utah. Take the trail system from the Barrel Roll, and let the fun begin!

  • Bear Claw Poppy / Stucki Springs

The Bear Claw Poppy is more than just a pretty desert plant. It’s a rad mountain biking trail in St. George Utah! Known for it’s multi structural trail system– including Stucki Springs, The Acid Drops, Clavicle Hill, and more, riding the Bear Claw Poppy trails are as much fun as it gets. Any level of rider can swing a ride and find enjoyment or challenge on these trails. With fast moving hardpack and whoopty do’s for catching air, grab your mountain bike and a couple of friends and come enjoy a weekend of riding in the St. George and Zion area!

Now head on over to your local bike shop and get a tune-up because your 2 wheel steed is dying to get out and play! Let us know what you think of these trails and feel free to share pictures with us on social media!

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