Plan a Great Getaway to Zion National Park

Zion National park is one of the Southwest’s most popular parks. Zion is well-known for its vibrantly colored sandstone-rock formations, highlighted with high cliffs and tapered canyon walls that were carved naturally by the Virgin River.

It may not be known though to some of its visitors, but Zion has a diverse habitat that allows for the survival and flourishing of wildlife and plants. Zion is home to around nine hundred plant species, 67 mammal species, 29 reptile species and over 200 kinds of birds. The wildlife includes some lizards that you would usually see scattered across the scorching sandstone, rock squirrels that are playing mischievously along the canyon walls and bighorn sheep.

zion narrows

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Zion national Park is indeed a great tourist attraction and there are just a lot of things that you can do here. Its diversity is so fascinating because it offers a beautiful array of plants, canyons, mesas and animals that you may not usually encounter in your daily life. Zion offers activities for every kind of character and personality. Whether you want to just stroll around the river or hike the 1500-foot cliff, Zion has something to offer for you.

Things to do in Zion National Park

Stop and inquire at the visitor center. It is always a good idea to pay a visit to the visitor center. This is the most ideal place to get acquainted with the park rangers that can provide you with helpful information on weather and recommendations on how best it is to explore the park.

Educate yourself with the free shuttle service that the park offers. From April to October, visitors to the park are required to use the free Zion Canyon Shuttle to get to the trailheads and to Zion Canyon, which is the park’s main tourist part. For the rest of the year though the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive can be accessed by private vehicles; but the shuttle service remains available on lesser off-season schedule.

Take a look at the Emerald Pools. One invigorating and exciting activity to do in Zion is hiking to the Lower Emerald Pool. It is a one-mile hike on a paved trail that comes with slight incline going to the lower pool. Once there, you will be amazed by the magnificent sight of the waterfall coming from Upper Emerald Pool, which can also be reached if you want to get a view of the valley.

Hike the Narrows for a Memorable Experience of Zion

Hiking the park’s Narrows is also a popular activity in the park. The narrows is one of the park’s most popularly visited areas and it is literally the park’s narrowest part. Here visitors get the chance to explore the whole area just by wading through the river by Temple of Sinawava then taking a short hike.  It is highly recommended to wear or rent water shoes and bring hiking sticks since the hike can be a bit difficult at some parts. Additionally, if you want to beat the crowd, it is best to start out early. If you have no inclination of wading and hiking through the river, there is the Riverside Walk, which is a one-mile paved trail that leads to the Narrows’ start. This trail offers great spot for picnic and for enjoying the Virgin River.

Try the Angels Landing. Another great adventure for the brave is Angels Landing. This five-mile round-trip hike is probably going to be the most exhilarating hike you will ever take. The Scout Lookout is the first stop after two miles and from here the final half mile will take you to the Angels Landing. The best reward awaits you after your dizzying and very strenuous hike, Zion canyon’s best views. It is best to keep in mind though that before you embark on this once in a lifetime adventure, it is ideal to check the weather conditions.

Explore the Zion-Kolob Arch

Exploring the Kolob Canyons is another thing to do in the Zion National Park. This is a less crowded portion that can be found 40 miles northwest of Zion National Park’s main tourist part. By taking the five-mile picturesque drive down the Kolob Canyons Road, you will get to see the astonishing red-rock formations. For experienced hikers, taking the 14-mile hike going to the Kolob Arch may be a good option to try.

The Zion National Park is surely a great place to visit and it offers a wide range of activities to do. The list mentioned here is just a few and more adventure and fun awaits you there. And if you’re looking for first class lodging in Zion, then click the previous link and look no further than Zion Ponderosa. Which offers a vast array of amenities and opportunities for exploration.

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