There are some amazing things to see both in Zion, as well as places near Zion. Escalante is just a couple of hours away from Zion National Park and it is home to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Which is a wonderful place to see, to go hiking and backpacking in. There are killer waterfalls you’ll find like the famous Calf Creek Falls, as well as intricately created canyons like Zebra, that have been created through years and years of erosion and the elements.

The Grand Staircase is a bit of a different place, in the fact that it’s so spread out. Zion is a very condensed park that allows access to much of what it has to offer from the main thoroughfares, that is not the case for the Grand Staircase.

To access some of the places you’ll need a 4×4, or at least a car with good clearance. Others you’ll have to drive along washboardy dirt roads for miles before you reach your destination.

As you look at images like this you’ll soon realize that though it may be slightly more challenging to access it, the rewards are there for the taking. It really is a beautiful area, and the drive from Escalante over towards Calf Creek is truly one of the prettiest drive you’ll find anywhere in the United States. The canyons you’ll be able to explore will both challenge you, as well as mesmerism you with their beauty.

Yes Zion is an amazing place, but we’d be fools not to speak of our sister parks that are so close that you can combine to your Zion trip. Adding variety and different terrains to a trip can make it that much more exciting and fun for you and your family and friends.