Looking to do any camping in Zion National Park? If you’ve never been and are wondering what it’s like in one of the actual campgrounds in Zion, Watchman Campground. Camping in Zion offers an incredible way to truly experience all that is Zion National Park. Waking up to those sheer canyon walls is truly an amazing way to greet the morning light.

Sometimes depending on the time of year, getting a camp site in Zion National Park, including in Watchman is somewhat difficult. If you need additional information about camping in Zion, check out our page about it. Just because it may be harder to get a camp site than other places, don’t let that deter you from making the venture to Zion Canyon.

Being able to wake up and walk just a few minutes from your tent door to a bus that will take you right to the Zion trail heads is just a fabulous thing.