spring canyon

I recently hiked a little known canyon called Spring Canyon that’s right next to the Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park, and Kannaraville Falls. I had heard rumor of it a few times but just didn’t really know. I was 60% sure I was in the right place when I began, but 60% isn’t that high in retrospect. You can find this canyon just south of the city of Kannaraville Utah, it will be the next canyon you can drive into south of that town.

I began my journey not really sure what to expect but hopeful I would find something worth writing home about, and truthfully I nearly turned around calling it a bust (the real reason I nearly turned around was I got off the main trail and soon found myself climbing the side of the creek like a mountain goat saying things like “this hike is terrible”). So I was bushwacking it along getting as frustrated as could be, and all around me I could only see boring sagebrush mountains, but as I was about to turn around I looked up at a bend and told myself I’ll go to there and if I can’t see anything worth hiking to I’ll turn around.

When I rounded that bend I finally saw it, I saw the red rock slot canyon up ahead of me and was stoked to have found what I had heard about.

hike near zion national park

As you can see from the pictures the canyon quickly gets beautiful and amazingly fun. It goes slotty for a ways and then opens back up, and does this several times. I always love the contrast on these hikes, the contrast from the seemingly worthless ground you’ve hiked on to get there, to the secret national treasure that this canyon provides. It truly is a magnificent little canyon to visit.

I could quickly see why this canyon was called Spring Canyon as there was a trickle of a creek the runs through part of it, I could see that in the spring time there would have been beautiful creek.

I hiked for some time before turning around, happy as I could be finding this fantastic little place. I longed to keep going because you never know what lies ahead that since turning around you miss out on, but unfortunately I was out of time. But I couldn’t have been happier with my discovery and my day hiking along this place called Spring Canyon.

Zion National Park is a beautiful place, but if you’re looking to add a lesser known hike to your itinerary, one that as you can see is amply beautiful but with substantially less traffic then Spring Canyon near Kannaraville Utah is your hike!