From time to time we like to highlight nearby parks that you could be able to combine with a trip to Zion. And since Cedar Breaks is merely an hour or two away from Zion, it is only fitting that I tell you about it.

Cedar Breaks is a National Monument as opposed to a National Park, it’s a little smaller in comparison to Zion, but as you can see from this image offers a view that you just can’t get elsewhere.


It does have a few similarities to that of Bryce Canyon, but as you’ll see it quite different as it’s more of a painted amphitheater, whereas Bryce has towering hoodoos that dot the land for miles.

There are multiple hikes available in Cedar Breaks that will give you different views to see the monument from. There’s a main look-off point right near the guard station that is most popular, but if you’re after pictures like this then you’ll have to get creative and hike for a bit to find a view that hasn’t been shot a million times.

Cedar Breaks also has a wildflower festival that is one of the best you’ll find anywhere. The wildflowers that come in the spring in those mountain meadows are just amazing. The 2014 festival begins on July 5th and goes through July 20th. Here’s a link for more information on that if you’d like.

You can get to Cedar Breaks from multiple directions, but coming from Zion you’ll head north on I – 15 towards Cedar City Utah. Then take Highway 14 east up into the mountains. You’ll catch glimpses of the monument as you ascend, and once you are on top there will be a sign that will take you north towards the park. Cedar Breaks National Monument is truly a treasure that you will be happy you took the time to visit. It’s as inspiring a overlook as you’ll find anywhere in Utah.