We decided for the weekend we would venture into Kolob Canyon to hike Taylor Creek. For those of you who don’t know Kolob Canyon is part of Zion National Park, you just access it at a completely different place. In fact I’ll add a map at the bottom of this post to show you where, in truth you can’t miss it, it’s right off the freeway (I 15) between Cedar City and St George.

taylor creek in kolob canyon

The Kolob Canyon section of Zion is much smaller, in fact it’s only a two lane road that dead ends at a stunning look-off. So finding the Taylor Creek trailhead is quite simple. Once you start you’ll head in between one of the five fingers. It’s an easy to follow trail that crosses the creek many times so come prepared with shoes that can get wet!

Taylor Creek is a fun hike because then entire way you’re greeted with that inescapable Kolob beauty. As you can see from the picture above, this is the view you’re hiking in. The creek winding back and forth makes for some interesting rock formations along the way as well.

kolob canyon double alcove

Before long (it’s an easy hike, took us round trip 3 hours and we were going slow), you’ll round the corner and be greeted with the Double Alcove. Where you can see two arches forming simultaneously on top of each other, which to my knowledge you can’t see happening anywhere else in the world (don’t quote me on that though!). The alcove section is a fun place to sit down and eat a light lunch as you look up at the amazing beauty above you.

After you’ve had your fill of the Double Alcove in Kolob Canyon, you’ll start heading back, but don’t worry, now you just get to see a different view of the canyon. That’s what I love most about this hike, that’s the hike itself is rewarding and beautiful.


A lot of hikes you’ll be walking through a wasteland only then to be rewarded at the end with a stunning view or pretty area. Fewer hikes can offer excitement and awe like Taylor Creek nearly the entire way, only to be doubly rewarded at the end when you see the alcove and two arches forming. It’s simply a beautiful hike and a beautiful place that I love to be in.

Kolob Canyon sometimes gets overlooked because it’s away from Zion, but in truth that can be a good thing because the crowds are much smaller, and as you can see the canyon is no less beautiful.

Map to Kolob Canyon within Zion National Park