After months of waiting through the COVID-19 closures and the peregrine falcon breeding season, all climbing areas within Zion National Park are now open for Day Climbing. Permits are not required for day climbing within the Canyon. Currently, permits for overnight climbing trips are not being issued.

Climbing routes can be accessed in four different ways this year.

Zion Park Shuttle

Climbers wishing to use the Zion Park Shuttle to go up the canyon must obtain a ticket to ride the shuttle through the new reservation system. The reservation system was put into place after the park opened again after having been shut down due to the COVID19 Pandemic. Spots on the shuttle are limited as park officials are trying to maintain safe social distancing regulations within the shuttle.

Tickets to ride cost $1, and must be purchased before arriving at the park to ensure your spot on the shuttle.  Tickets are needed for all passengers aged 3 or older. Tickets are available for one-hour blocks between the hours of 6 am to 6 pm. You can board the shuttle from the visitor center during the hour slot selected when booking.

Private Shuttle Services

Private shuttles services are offered through the city of Springdale that can be an alternative to the Zion Shuttle if all passes are reserved for the day. Private shuttles are authorized to pick you up and drop you off at your stop in the canyon.

Bike to your Destination

Another option for arriving to your climbing destination is biking. Bikes are authorized to travel up through the canyon. You can bring your own or rent a bicycle or an ebike prior to entering the park.

Walking up the Scenic Drive

If your climbing route is close enough, guests can also walk up the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Please be advised that the weather during the summer season, and into the early fall, can reach extreme temperatures. Check the weather before deciding to walk to your destination.