Explore Observation Point Trail in ZNP

Observation Point is a favorite trail in Zion National Park. Beginning at the Weeping Rock trailhead, you ascend to the Observation Point. This is an exciting trail offering switchbacks, wildlife and all kinds of terrain. This is a strenuous 8 mile hike and will usually take 4-6 hours to finish, so be sure to make preparations.

While hiking, many incredible vistas will be visible to hikers. One such view is Zion’s Echo Canyon, boasting sandstone structures and white cliffs. Observation Point has breathtaking views much like Angels Landing, without the scare factor! On this hike you will gain an elevation of approximately 2,100 feet.

  • Rating: Moderately tough day hike.
  • Access: Take a shuttle at Zion’s main Canyon to reach the Weeping Rock trailhead.
  • Duration: Approximately 4 to 6 hours.
  • Length:  Approximately 8 miles round-trip.
  • Elevation: 2,100 feet gain.
  • Best time of year: Spring and fall are the best seasons for Observation Point. Summer is blistering hot and winter can be surprisingly cold.


Take the Zion Canyon Shuttle and get off at stop #7. From here you’ll start hiking up sandstone switchbacks. Hikers will gradually ascend up the canyon wall. Along the way comes another hike; Hidden Canyon. It’s best not to try and do both Hidden Canyon and Observation Point – so if you planned for Observation Point, don’t veer off course.

From the Hidden Canyon trail fork, the switchbacks temporarily end and the hike is much less steep, making it a lot less strenuous. As you gain elevation, temperatures will go down. 

After the Junction of the East Rim Trail, you’ll experience more switchbacks, elevating to the top of the plateau, above white cliffs. From here you will soon arrive at Observation Point. Don’t forget your camera! This is one of Zion’s most picturesque spots. Avoid sandy slopes and never roll or throw rocks down the mountain.

Hiking back will often be much less strenuous and faster than the way up. Take your time going back down the trail, be respectful of other hikers. Observation Point is truly an incredible place. This hike will be unforgettable for you and any fellow adventurers.