Yahoo and Thrillist Rank Zion the #4 Best National Park in the US

U.S. National Parks - Yosemite

“A very real 15-mile canyon that sits at the crossroads of the Mojave desert, the Colorado Plateau, and the Great Basin. What that means is you’ll find red rocks next to tropical waterfalls next to sprawling deserts, as well as species of wildlife that don’t typically cohabitate.”

Zion Getting the Love it Deserves

It’s great to see Zion getting some of the love it deserves. Might we be a bit biased in thinking that it’s arguably the #1 National Park in the US? Yes, but if we weren’t a little biased then we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right.

But safe to say Zion is becoming one of the quintessential places to see, to experience, and to soak in. We’re just happy we get to be a part of that.

Patriarchs Smallest - Zion National Park