Zion National Park announced on Monday that it will begin accepting public comments in regards to a plan presented to redesign the park’s South Entrance Fee Station. Included in the Environmental Assessment outline are plans to help decrease wait times to enter the park by vehicle, reduce vehicle congestion, develop renewable energy sources to sustain park operations, replace culverts to help improve road conditions during weather events, as well as improve employee safety.

Zion Superintendent, Jeff Bradybaugh stated, “Throughout this process, park staff will continue to work with the Town of Springdale, the Utah Department of Transportation and others to maintain visitor entry during construction. Adding Entrance Stations and traffic lanes through this project will improve recreational access via the South Entrance to the park.”

The Environment Assessment, prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, analyzes a reasonable range of alternatives to help complete the projects objectives, helps evaluate issues that could impact the resources surrounding the area, as well as helps identify mitigation measures to help lessen the extent of these impacts.

The National Park Services encourages the public to review the proposed plan and the Environmental Assessment and invites the public to send in their comments before the end of the comment period of September 3rd.

The Zion Environmental Protection Specialist can be reached by email or contacted by phone at 435-772-0144 to request a print copy of the proposal and Environmental Assessment. Comments may be submitted online, or mailed to: ZION Superintendent, ATTN: South Entrance Fee Station Reconfiguration EA, Zion National Park, State Route 9 Springdale, UT 84767