Shopping in Springdale – Zion Canyon

Southern Utah is not only known locally for its outdoor retail malls but for its geological (rock and mineral) souvenirs and southwestern art. You will find many rock shops with all kinds of unique and beautiful rocks and minerals like, turquoise, fools gold, silver and other precious metals.

On the softer side of things you will also notice many fine art galleries that are not your typical art galleries. The beauty of these stores is unmatched with Southwestern framed photography and prints. Many of these galleries are worthy of anyone’s time and make the stop worthwhile. You will see many of the famous Zion National Park Landscapes and Mountains.

Bumbleberry Gifts and Pastry Shop

If you are in the mood for some one-of-a-kind edibles don’t overlook bumbleberry Pie or Pie Holes from the world famous Bumbleberry Inn. Bumbleberry’s are not your typical berry and have a very sweet and tart taste and go great in pastries and jelly.

(435) 772-3224

Zion Park Blvd. Po Box 346 Springdale UT 84767

Zion Gem and Rock

Rocks, Gems, Crystals and minerals fill up this little store. Get one of a kind Zion National Park souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

1416 Zion Park Blvd. Springdale, UT 84767
(435) 772-3436

Springdale Candy Company

If you have a sweet tooth or are looking for something to snack on in the park, then this is a great choice. candy, candy and more candy!! The assortment of treats from ice cream to chocolate bars is irresistible, and there are are great Zion souvenirs to take back home…unless you can’t control your cravings!

(435) 772-0485
855A Zion Park Blvd. P.O. Box 274 Springdale, UT 84767

Natures Gallery of Zion

You will find many unique crystal pieces (animals and creatures) of art in this shop. Make sure and stop buy to pick up a great souvenir piece for home!

(435) 772-0579
801 Zion Park Blvd Springdale, UT 84767