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Travelers who have driven along the scenic highways and byways of Southern Utah are well-aware of their immense beauty and unique landscape. From a car, drivers get a lovely view of the areas that surround them. While sightseeing and taking in the land by car is terrific, what if travelers could remove the surrounding doors and windows and fly freely down the highway, becoming one with Utah’s gorgeous land?

With Ridin’ Zion, travelers can do just that! Riders can enjoy a 360-degree, unobstructed view of the amazing rock formations, flatlands, red rocks and more from the seat of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or a Polaris Slingshot. Some of the views riders can see as they drive their Ridin’ Zion rental are Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, The Grand Canyon, and more. The opportunity to hop on a Harley or a Slingshot and feel the breeze through their hair brings many people to Ridin’ Zion each year.

About Ridin’ Zion

Dieter Walters started Ridin’ Zion with the goal of allowing others to experience the incredible feeling of riding a motorcycle along Southern Utah’s many scenic roadways. He and his wife ride through Zion frequently and thought others should be able to enjoy its beauty in this unique way. Thus, Ridin’ Zion was born. Now, visitors from all over can enjoy riding through Zion on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or Polaris Slingshot. As the only street legal rental company in the area, Ridin’ Zion is the number one place to go to enjoy gorgeous Southern Utah from the roadways.

Ridin’ a Harley-Davidson
Visitors who have a motorcycle license can rent one of Ridin’ Zions many Harley-Davidson motorcycles. A Harley-Davidson is the first thing that comes to mind when picturing absolute freedom and enjoyment on the road. From American legends to television shows, many heroes and icons have used a Harley as their means of transportation. Riders with a motorcycle license can immerse themselves in Utah’s scenery in the coolest of ways when they ride with Ridin’ Zion.

Ridin' Zion Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental
Ridin' Zion Rental Slingshot

Ridin’ a Slingshot
For those without a motorcycle license, the Polaris Slingshot is the perfect way to get around. Anyone who can drive a manual transmission vehicle and has a valid driver’s license can enjoy life on the road with Ridin’ Zion. A Polaris Slingshot is a fusion of a motorcycle and a five-speed manual sports car. With two wheels in the front and one in the back, passersby will slow down to marvel at the Slingshot as it speeds by. Riding through Zion and the surrounding areas on a Slingshot is a once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed.

Don’t miss out on Ridin’ Zion
Anyone planning to visit the Zion area should put Ridin’ Zion on their list of things to see and do. While there are many fun and exciting activities to experience while in the area, hopping onto a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or a Polaris Slingshot is the most unique, exhilarating experience one could hope to have. Riders will enjoy the gorgeous landscape as they speed along, free of windows and metal caging them in, with nothing between them and the beauty of Utah but fresh air. Guests looking for something special to make their trip unforgettable must visit Ridin’ Zion to complete their Utah experience.