Pack Your Patience this Hiking Season

With warmer temperatures finally reaching Zion National Park, visitor numbers begin to increase!

Due to closures of some of the major trails in Zion National Park after an extreme amount of rainfall, other trails, including Angels Landing, are becoming more crowded, leaving some guests frustrated with their experience.

Last week, Angels Landing saw a record number of hikers, leading to long waits at Scout Lookout, which is located right before the last section of the trail. The last section of Angels Landing consists of a narrow trail which uses a chain system to help guests navigate the steep cliffs. With larger crowds visiting the trail, a bottleneck effect often backs up hikers along the last section of the trail from mid-morning throughout the afternoon.

To help improve visitor experiences in Zion National Park this spring, consider our list of tips for hiking Angels Landing and other popular hikes.

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Plan Enough Time

When planning your visit to Zion National Park this Spring, be sure to plan enough time into your schedule for the hikes you wish to experience. It may take you an hour longer to finish a hike, or get to your final destination. Don’t be in a rush! 

Stay Hydrated

With longer wait times happening across the park, be sure to pack plenty of water. Remember that there are no refill stations located along the Angels Landing trail once you begin. Water refill stations can be found at the main shuttle stops, as well as at the Zion Visitors Center when you enter the park.

Be Prepared for Weather Conditions

Weather during the spring time in Zion National Park can be unpredictable! Be sure to check the weather forecast for the park on the day you plan to visit! Weather tends to change quickly during the spring, being prepared will ensure that you get the most out of your visit!

Use the Restroom Before Hiking

While there are two emergency outhouse style restrooms located at Scouts Lookout along the trail, full service restrooms can be found at the Grotto stop before starting your hike. 

Be Considerate of Others

As you hike along Angels Landing, be considerate of others as crowds start to accumulate. Use headphones to listen to music. Let faster hikers pass if you feel comfortable stepping aside. Normal trail etiquette is not enough. Hiking narrow places requires good communication and patience with those whom you are hiking with and around. Be courteous to the needs of others as they are hiking.

Leave No Trace

Please help us keep Zion National Park trash free! Pack out all trash and keep your food away from wildlife. 

Packing for hiking in Zion

Crowds waiting at Scouts Lookout on Saturday March 16, 2019 | Photo Courtesy of the National Parks Service