Horseback Riding at Zion National Park

If you are into horseback riding, our horseback riding excursion through beautiful Zion National Park will be the highlight of your vacation experience.  A great way to see Zion National Park area is by horse. Tours of Zion National Park are available and can be from a half an hour to half a day. Guides will tell you all about the sites that you will ride around and in. Horseback riding allows you to view more of Zion National Park than by car, so we can’t recommend this activity enough!

From the time you mount up, until our first rest stop, scenery and natural beauty await every turn making the ride relaxing and exhilarating all at the same time.

You’ll see Zion National Park wonders such as: the Three Patriarchs, the Beehives, western flora and fauna, as well as geologic formations that defy human understanding. For a nice relaxing horseback tour, take a one hour ride that follows the famous Zion river – The Virgin River. Follow that to the ‘Court of the Patriarchs’ & return  back to the loading corral in style.  There are also half day trips that will take you around the ‘Sandbench Trail,’ gradually climbing 500+ feet to give you the view of a lifetime.

So Cowboy up and give horseback riding in Zion National Park a try! Check out our horseback guides and outfitters and ask them how you can take advantage of these spectacular opportunities to ride a horse in Zion!