Springdale, Utah
Springdale is well-known for being the “Gateway to Zion.” While it is true that Springdale hosts travelers who are visiting to explore Zion National Park, there are so many things to do in downtown Springdale that it would be a shame to only see the park.
In addition to the many places to stay in Springdale, there are countless exciting activities that can be explored. Whether guests would like to enjoy dining, shopping, shows, galleries, or outdoor adventures, Springdale is the place to be.

Decadent Dining
No vacation is complete without trying new and delicious foods. In downtown Springdale, guests will be able to choose from a variety of dining options. From upscale restaurants to casual coffee houses, Springdale delivers on dining.

Deep Creek Coffee Co.
Take in the sights of southern Utah while enjoying a specially crafted coffee, breakfast sandwich, or one of Deep Creek’s other menu options. They also have delicious baked goods, like scones and croissants, and healthy options, such as acai bowls and avocado toast.

King’s Landing Bistro
For an upscale dining experience with a great view, King’s Landing Bistro is a perfect choice. With menu options like charred octopus, beef medallions, and an incredible duck dinner, the meals at this restaurant are sure to impress.

Café Soleil
Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at this lovely café in the heart of Springdale. Café Soleil specializes in fresh, healthy, and flavorful food. Breakfast sandwiches, paninis, pizza, salads, and more can be found on their menu. Guests can also enjoy espresso, coffees, and smoothies with their meals.

Unique Shopping
When it comes to shopping, it’s nice to get away from big outlet stores and malls. In Springdale, shoppers won’t find cookie-cutter, big-box-store items. Rather, many of the shops here specialize in locally crafted, unique, and interesting items. Visitors will be able to find souvenirs, jewelry, artwork, and so much more.

Zion Prospector
The whole family will love exploring this shop in Springdale. Inside, guests can browse hundreds of gems, rocks, and fossils, many of which are native to the southern Utah area. Outside, visitors can enjoy sluicing for treasures in the prospecting area.

Joy Craft and Design
For unique, handcrafted gifts, Joy Craft and Design shouldn’t be missed. Visitors can pick up a gift for those who weren’t lucky enough to come on this trip to Zion. Or, they may find a few things for themselves while shopping. This store has an incredible selection at great prices.

Tribal Arts Zion
Full of pieces from artists in the American Southwest, Tribal Arts Zion offers guests an incredible shopping experience and a chance to learn about the Zion area. With pottery, baskets, wood carvings, folk art, and more, this shop has something for every visitor.

Captivating Shows
There is no better way to relax and unwind than by getting caught up in an interesting show. Springdale offers many different types of theater experiences, each just as lovely as the next. Guests who would like to take in a live show will find just what they desire in Springdale.

OC Tanner Amphitheater
Enjoy shows, from country music to rock fests, at OC Tanner Amphitheater. This massive amphitheater has the gorgeous red rock of Zion as a backdrop and amazing acoustics from being surrounded by the rock cliffs. The whole family can enjoy a day at OC Tanner Amphitheater.

Bumbleberry Theatre
The Bumbleberry Theatre, located at the Bumbleberry Inn, hosts a variety of shows throughout the year. Some shows are family-friendly, and some are perfect for an adult’s night out. The Bumbleberry Theatre offers Branson-Style shows, from variety acts, to plays, to solo artists.

Incredible Galleries
For such a small town, downtown Springdale has an astonishing number of galleries. Each one showcases many types of art, both local and worldwide. Discovering the culture of Springdale will be an unforgettable experience.

David J. West Gallery
See the beauty of Zion and southern Utah without going outdoors. The David J West Gallery hosts a huge collection of local photography. The gallery has a relaxed, but classy, atmosphere and prints are available at a wonderful price.

Worthington Gallery
See local works of art at this incredible gallery. There are many types of work featured, from painting to metal work. All the pieces in this gallery showcase the majesty of the Zion area.

LaFave Gallery
Over 35 regional artists have work displayed in this unique gallery. Types of mediums include metal, blown glass, wind sculptures, and more. Guests can purchase many of the pieces in the gallery and bring the beauty of Zion home with them.

Exciting Outdoor Adventures
It’s no secret that those who come to Springdale are hoping to get out and explore the outdoors. This is because the southern Utah area has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. When staying in Springdale, there are many ways to get out into nature and see the surrounding beauty of Zion.

Bike Trails
Across downtown Springdale, bicyclists will find many trails and paths that make navigating through the area on a bike a breeze. Whether guests would like to ride through town, or make their way to popular areas, like Gooseberry Mesa and JEM Trail, biking in Springdale will be an incredible adventure.

Scenic Tours
There are so many things to see in the Springdale area, it would be impossible to see them all. But that doesn’t mean guests shouldn’t try. Taking scenic tours, either with a tour guide or alone, lets guests see the beauty of Zion. Explore Grafton Ghost Town, head to scenic overlooks, or take a high-flying tour in a helicopter. In Springdale, every adventure is breathtaking.

Zion National Park
No list of things to do in Springdale would be complete without mentioning Zion National Park. This nearby park offers many thrilling outdoor activities, incredible views of the landscape, and a chance to relax and connect with nature.

Find Endless Excitement in Springdale
With something for everyone to enjoy, there is never a dull moment in downtown Springdale. Visitors will find that Springdale has so much more to offer than Zion National Park. With its terrific dining, shopping, theaters, galleries, and outdoor experiences, Springdale is an incredibly interesting and exhilarating place to spend a vacation.

Feature Photo by IvyMike