Autumn In Zion

Before I jump into how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Autumn, I do need to get this one little issue off my chest. St. George, though such a stunning, fun, exciting and rewarding place to live… Pretty much doesn’t even have a “Fall” season. HOW RUDE right? I am originally from Salt Lake where I grew up being used to and knowing that there are a total of four seasons, every year, without fail. I also lived in Logan, Utah for a period of time after moving to St. George where I really fell in love and came to adore Autumn. Living in Logan really showed me what this season is capable of and the absolute beauty that can be produced from it.

So, with that out of the way.. I am now back in St. George, and have struggled with not really having one of my favorite seasons every year… See, here in St. George it seems to go from blazing, blistering hot to lukewarm to just COLD. Without much of a warning or any real visible change.. I mean yeah the leaves sort of change and fall, but remember that St. George is a desert.. So we mainly just have desert trees that kind of just die in fall and winter (pretty bland looking if you ask me).

Luckily though, I have been blessed to live here and have one of the most amazing, beautiful and wonderful National Parks in the world basically right in my backyard. Zion National Park is beyond breathtaking in the fall. With the cottonwoods golden leaves lining the Virgin River, the red, yellow and orange hues of the turning leaves patched here and there. That fresh autumn smell. Ah.. Nothing beats Zion in the fall. Or really in any other season, but especially in fall.

Fall in the Virgin
Photo Credit: Brad Campbell on flickr

One of my favorite things to do is to stand atop Observation Point and view the canyon from above, it’s like viewing an oil painting in real life. For a really magical experience check out the Kolob sections of Zion and hike through the Aspen trees, seriously so rad! Not only is it absolutely beautiful there, but hiking in the fall is so refreshing compared to the summer months. With temperatures averaging in the higher 70’s during the days in the month of October, it’s the perfect hiking temp. Another super popular hike this time of the year is the Subway. And I don’t blame them, with views like this along the way!

Fall in the Subway, Zion National Park

A Crack in the Earth by Stephanie Sarles on

If you are ever given the chance to visit Zion during the peak of the Autumn season when all the leaves are changing, TAKE IT. You will not regret it.

Fall in Zion National Park

Photo Credit: Konstantin Nikolaev on flickr