Zion Half Marathon set for Saturday, April 28th

The Zion Half Marathon, by Vacation Races, has returned to the west side of Zion National Park with a new course that will run along the Smith Mesa Road, located north of Virgin, Utah off of the Kolob Terrace Road. Throughout the length of the course participants will have access amazing views of the west side of Zion National Park.

The sold out race is set for Saturday, April 28th beginning at 7 a.m. Visitors to the Zion National Park area that are traveling along SR-9 should anticipate an influx in traffic along the Kolob Terrace turn off during the early morning as well as during mid day.

This years race is comprised of a variety runners from all over the U.S. and various countries. 39 participants are running under what the half marathon classifies as a charity bib. Those participating with a charity bib are helping raise money for the National Parks.

Also included in this year’s demographic breakdown are, 98 runners from Las Vegas, Nevada, making it the most registered city, 1 runner from Norway, 46 participants over the age of 65 and 24 that are under the age of 18! Runners will be divided into age divisions starting at runners under the age of 11 and ranging to 75 years of age and older.

For more information on the Zion Half Marathon, and to download the Zion Race Guide, click the button below.