Images like these are great and rare, because they show us what Zion looks like after a large rainstorm, or in the springtime with the occasional flooding. 99 out of 100 times, there would be no rushing water down those rocks. Most of us will never see creeks like this springing back to life, because to […]

About one hour away from Zion National Park, is a section of the park that is one of the best-kept secrets of southern Utah. Kolob Canyon is still part of Zion National Park and is not nearly as crowded as the main part of the park. For those visiting the area and looking for a […]

The Subway in Spring As we told people of our plans to hike The Subway in Zion Nation Park in early April, the response was quick and consistent, “You might die.” So despite the dire warnings, we were determined; and yes we were prepared, with our wills in hand (okay we left the wills at […]

The Zion Narrows is one of the most iconic hikes in all of Zion National Park. In fact, it was rated one of the top 10 hikes on Earth! It is a tremendous place to visit for those willing to venture into it. You’ll get to walk through beautiful cascading water as you strain your […]

When you go to visit Zion National Park, you’re bound to spend some time in St. George. If so what is there to see in St. George, Utah you ask? My simple response would be, what do you like? There are so many options and things available in St. George to see and do. From […]