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What kind of Zion park website would we be if we didn’t highlight our sister park just down the road from us Bryce Canyon? There is so much to love about Bryce, first and foremost the magical way it intrigues us and makes us wonder how it could have been formed. The red hoodoos that […]

Kolob Creek in Zion National Park is one of the best, and most technical canyons in all of Zion. The canyon itself offers amazing scenery as you traverse down upwards of eight rappels, until you reach the canyon floor. Many of them are done in narrow parts of the canyon and will leave you breathless […]

I know this video’s been around for awhile now, but does it get any less awesome? I remember the first time I watched it and I swear I felt my stomach drop when that guy first jumped! I quickly began asking myself the very pertinent question, “would I jump?”. I’m not afraid of heights, but […]

Is there anything interesting to see or do between Las Vegas and Zion National Park? For many visitors to Zion they are coming from one of the main airport hubs (McCarren, Las Vegas), so they travel up the northern corridors of I-15 from the Las Vegas and typical pass troughs cities along l-15 on the […]

This short video really puts me in a good mood. It illustrates why living in southern Utah (or visiting southern Utah) is a fabulous blessing. To be able to witness, explore and see things like this with your own eyes is in reality something very few in the course of human history have been able […]

There are some amazing things to see both in Zion, as well as places near Zion. Escalante is just a couple of hours away from Zion National Park and it is home to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Which is a wonderful place to see, to go hiking and backpacking in. There are killer waterfalls […]

The mighty Grand Canyon is just a hop-skip and a jump away from Zion (well part of it at least). There are multiple ways to see the Grand Canyon and some of them are a bit of a drive from Zion, but Toroweap is just a couple of hours away and offers views of the […]

This is a beautiful shot of Zion that really showcases the canyon as a whole. Showcases the white and red canyon walls that have been carved over thousands of years that have amazed people from the second they’ve entered the canyon for the first time. New Heights by Jonathan Hoomes on 500px I like this […]

From time to time we like to highlight nearby parks that you could be able to combine with a trip to Zion. And since Cedar Breaks is merely an hour or two away from Zion, it is only fitting that I tell you about it. Cedar Breaks is a National Monument as opposed to a […]

The Zion Overlook trail is one of the top hiking trails in Zion. There are a lot of reasons for this, namely it’s relative ease and it’s amazing vantage point. The trail is short, broad and very easy to follow, with the occasional uneven rocks at time. It is a wonderful little hike for those […]