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We decided for the weekend we would venture into Kolob Canyon to hike Taylor Creek. For those of you who don’t know Kolob Canyon is part of Zion National Park, you just access it at a completely different place. In fact I’ll add a map at the bottom of this post to show you where, […]

Yesterday I had the opportunity after work to go wandering through the backcountry of Zion. I had heard of a great spot to go camping so I decided I would scout it out. For those who are familiar with Zion, and specifically the Kolob Terrace road then you’ll know right where I was. There was […]

Looking to do any camping in Zion National Park? If you’ve never been and are wondering what it’s like in one of the actual campgrounds in Zion, Watchman Campground. Camping in Zion offers an incredible way to truly experience all that is Zion National Park. Waking up to those sheer canyon walls is truly an […]

I recently hiked a little known canyon called Spring Canyon that’s right next to the Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park, and Kannaraville Falls. I had heard rumor of it a few times but just didn’t really know. I was 60% sure I was in the right place when I began, but 60% isn’t […]

There are going to be some major renovations on a few of the trails in park, here are the Zion National Park trail closings for 2014. The Observation Point trail was built in 1920 over a 15-year period with pick axes and donkeys, and it hasn’t seen much of an update since then (there was […]

Yesterday I went hiking in Zion National Park (or for this story it’s better known as bushwhacking). Just above the Wildcat trail head that you use to hike the Subway is where I embarked. I’d driven that road from Virgin to Kolob Reservoir (the Kolob Terrace road) many times and I had always been amazed […]

Yesterday I had the immense opportunity to go biking in Zion, to see for myself what everyone has been talking about. And if I may offer part of the conclusion at the beginning, I couldn’t believe I’d never done that before! I found myself laughing at times at how thrilling, stunning and fun it was […]

Who doesn’t love to take a good road trip now and then? The anticipation of seeing what may be around the next turn can be addicting. And some of the best places to take a drive is through a national park. They all offer beautiful landscape that is often able to be viewed from lookout […]

Are you looking to add a little bit of the Grand Canyon to your Zion Canyon adventure? If so Toroweap Overlook is one of your best destinations, and isn’t too far from Zion. Toroweap is a very famous overlook that gives you one of the best views of the mighty Colorado River there is. Toroweap […]

We recently posted an article about What to See Between Vegas and Zion and were sorely reprimanded that we missed the Valley of Fire. In our haste to write a well written article that’s helpful and articulate, missing out on highlighting one of the better state parks found anywhere, was quite the oversight; so here […]